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Yes, with the help of LangShop you can get unique links for your translated pages.

For example, you have a store with the URL When you translate it into Japanese by using LangShop, the translated version of the store will be

It's a wonderful feature, that allows foreign search engines to index your website in the translated language.


We can consider another example. You have a path: and want to translate it into French.

LangShop will make this:

If you want the path to be like:アルシオンレザーサンダル, currently it's not possible. Any of Shopify translation applications don't translate the full URL:( But we are negotiating with Shopify about such an opportunity, and perhaps in the near future, such functionality will appear.


LangShop allows choosing the detection type for the original and target languages of the store. Perhaps, the following articles will be interesting for you - Language detection and How can I automatically redirect my visitors to their own language?

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