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To change the switcher's position, follow next steps:

  1. Go to the "Settings" section and open "Misc" tab.
  2. Scroll the page and find "Preview" block.

Here next options are available:

Switcher position

Set fixed switcher's position on the screen:

  • Right-Bottom
  • Left-Bottom
  • Right-Top
  • Left-Top

Note: You are able to set "Relative" position. It will give you an opportunity to manage switcher's position by editing HTML code. At the end of this article you can watch video about this.

Dropdown direction

If in language or currency switcher types you've chosen "Dropdown" type, here you can manage its direction.

Next directions are available:

  • Right and Bottom
  • Left and Bottom
  • Right and Top
  • Left and Top


Here you can set offsets for switchers. Fill presented fields and choose measure type (px, %, em).

Color Schemes

  • Main color - used for not active items.
  • Active color - used for active item (currently active language or currency).
  • Hover color - used only when hover cursor on the item.

You can use these settings to customize background, text and border.

Set up Currency and Language switchers with this settings according to your needs and "Save" changes.

Editing HTML and CSS manually

If you have programming skills and can work with code, you can change switcher's position manually in HTML. Do not forget to set "Relative" to switcher's position.

You have an opportunity to write own CSS styles for switchers. It is recommended to set "Disabled" default switchers styles (learn about managing language and currency default styles).

For example, watch video how to change CSS styles for switcher.

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