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Creating the Shopify store you want to look it attractive for your customers. Therefore, you look for nice themes and make experiments with the design. Finally, you choose one theme that became original for your store. Since the time you decide that you want to translate the store and install the app - LangShop:)

When you install LangShop, by default the application takes your original theme, duplicate it (make a copy of your theme) and translates it

Note: Your original theme remains unchanged and stays with you.

So, Localized theme - it's a translated duplicate of your original theme. LangShop adds there new functionality of the app. Thanks to LangShop, you will make changes to this localized theme. For example, you will add and translate dynamic content, translate static text, detect languages by browser, etc.

Also, thanks to LangShop you will be able to add language switchers, add currencies, translate images, translate theme settings, etc. 

All these will be made in the LangShop localized theme. Your original theme won't be changed.

Localized theme it's also a so-called backup. If something happens with your original theme, thanks to the localized theme we can return you a copy of the original theme. About this, we talk in this article - Revert liquid.


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