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Multidomain mode allows you to assign domains (subdomains) per each language on your store. For example, you can have for French language, for German and for English.

This approach has a positive effect on SEO raiting of your store. Using multilingual sitemap search crawlers (like Google, Bing, etc) will index your multilingual content per each domain.  

If you don't have registered domains for your site, read this article about it. If all your needed domains (or subdomains) are already added on the "Domains" page in your Shopify admin, follow next steps:

  1. Be sure that traffic redirection to primary domain is disabled (if enabled all visitors will be redirected only to one domain and multidomains mode will not work). Disable it if enabled.
  2. Go to "Settings" => "General" menu section.
  3. In the "URL Structure" block, set "URL mode" property to "Enable"
  4. Select "Multidomains (Associate languages to personal domains)" option.
  5. Now you can assign your additional domains per each language (must be unique for each language and can't be blank). Fill in the domain name without "http://" or "https://" prefixes. You can fill multiple different domains (max 4) per each language. Use space or comma separation for it.
  6. Click the "Save" button of the main window frame.

Look at the following image for setup example:

Note: Do not use domain names that are not linked to your Shopify store. It can lead to redirect on unexisted store URLs during language detection procedure.

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