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There are two ways to translate newly added products.

First option

Open the LangShop application and go to the "Products" section. New products will be displayed first in the products list. Choose them => click "Actions" => "Translate selected".

Now you need to choose languages into which you want to translate new products. By default, they are selected all. Click "Translate" and wait for the notification that will inform you of the completion of the translation.

Second option

If you have many products, for example, 300 or more, we propose you to filter products in the language tabs separately. Follow this instruction: Choose the language. Click "Filter" => "Translations" => "Select a filter" => "Not translated" => "Add filter".

 For more detailed information about the products management go to the article - Analysis and management of the translated products.

 Not translated products will be displayed. Choose them by clicking on the checkbox => "Actions" => "Translate selected".

Now you are able to choose languages into which the products will be translated. Choose them and click "Translate"

You will get a notification that will inform you of the completion of the translation. If you want to learn more about the bulk traslation, read our article - Products bulk translation.

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