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The import process is the same for all types of localized content, so in this guide, we will consider the most popular request 'How to import products?'.

To import files to the store, follow this guide:

  1. From your LangShop admin go to the Products => All products.
  2. Click Import.
  3. From the dialog box, choose the languages that you want to import and upload a file. About the Replace feature, please read below.
  4. Click Import Products.

In the same way, you can import collections, pages, blog posts, etc.

Replace files

This feature allows saving empty translations. Let's consider an example in order to understand how it works.

You translated the store into target languages and exported the localized content to CSV or PO files in order to save the content for further backup. In the exported file, you will see two columns: Source and Target. The Source column contains the original content and the Target contains the translated content. 

For example, not all types of content were translated and there are empty fields in the Target column. You make changes in your Shopify store and translate all content. After a while, you decide to backup the localized content and import your CSV/PO file. Remember, that the CSV file doesn't contain the newly translated content. 

While importing the file, you will see this option:

By default, it's disabled. Enabling this option you will allow LangShop to save empty translations. It means that the app will import the empty target fields from the file and replace your new translations with empty fields.

If you skip this option, empty target fields will be skipped and your new translation will be saved.

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