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LangShop can detect visitor's preferred language by his country. To enable geolocation mode follow the next steps:

  1. Go to "Settings" => "Misc" section.
  2. In "Misc Settings" block set visitor language to "Geolocation".

Setup linking visitor's country to your store languages

Each language you can link with appropriate countries. It means that at the first visit customers from those countries will see your site at linked language. You can make your own changes to linking countries:

  1. Go to the "Settings" => "Languages" section and find "Link Country To Site Language" block.
  2. Below you will see the list of languages with the possibility to assign countries per each of them.
  3. Click on the "Select a country" for needed language and choose countries that you want to link with this language.

With the "Reset to default" button you can reset all your changes.

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