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The bulk translation is a useful feature, that helps to translate all collections at once. Go to the Products => Collection section. You will see a list of the existing collections.

Translate all collections of the store

  1. To initiate bulk translation for all collections of your Shopify store click on Translate.
  2. Choose the appropriate language(s) and click Translate.

Translate several collections

  1. To translate all collections displayed on the page, click on the checkbox above the list to select all of them. Click Translate. Choose languages and click Translate
  2. To translate several collections, choose them manually by clicking on checkboxes. Click Translate. Choose languages and click Translate. 

Collections will be translated as soon as possible. The translation process needs time and depends on the number of products. The task will be performed in the background. You can pause or stop the translation. Read more about tasks in this article.

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