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LangShop displays and stores information about all active and completed tasks that have performed ever. 

You can check them in the Settings section => Tasks. There are two tabs where you can check active tasks and history of the completed tasks.

Active tasks

If you currently do not have any active tasks, you will see a page like on the screen above. If you have active tasks, they will be displayed there.

Launching any action, on the bottom right corner a modal window with a task's progress will appear. It will be displayed no matter what section of the app you are on. In this way, you will be always informed about the task's progress. 

All tasks are performed in the background on the server. It means you shouldn't wait until the task finish. You can do another work, close the browser, and even switch off the computer. Anyway, tasks will continue to be done by themselves. When it is completed, you will get a notification.

Tasks can be managed. Under each of them, you will see two buttons: pause and stop.

Pausing the task you just stop it work for some time. You are able to resume it whenever you need it. If you stop the task, you won't be able to resume it.

Tasks history


To check the info of the completed tasks, go to the History tab. There is a list of app performed tasks and their status: completed, failed, or stopped.

To see detailed info, click on the necessary task. 


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