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LangShop supports two modes of navigation localization of your theme.

Automatic translation

All menu items, included in your theme, will be automatically replaced with translations by matching original Shopify's links titles to navigation items titles, created with LangShop (or imported from Shopify) for your default language.

It means that if created navigation contains "Contact Us" item and has translations into other languages, during displaying your store's content LangShop will try to find "Contact Us" in included to theme navigations and replace theme to current active language. Matched content is not case sensitive: "Contact Us" and "contact us" are equal.

The disadvantage of Automatic translation mode is that LangShop doesn't have direct access to Shopify's navigations and doesn't know when they change. Thus, if you change something in Shopify navigations, you will need to make equal changes in LangShop navigations or re-import it from Shopify.  

Also, changing such navigation items options like "Url", "Title Attribute", etc. in LangShop does not affect original Shopify navigations. These options are used in Manual mode.

Manual mode

You can include menu created in LangShop to your translated theme manually. Included navigations will contain all data that you fill while creating menu items: "Url", "Title Attribute", etc.

To include needed menu manually, you can use code snippet on the right sidebar.

Watch our tutorial video on how to replace store's navigations manually.

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