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If your theme supports Shopify's themes settings feature, LangShop will allow you to translate text fields and images used in theme settings. The opportunity of theme settings translation processed by LangShop during the creating translated theme process. It means if you add or delete new theme settings or theme section settings, they will not display in LangShop settings editor.

To parse changed settings from theme LangShop gives the opportunity to use rebuild themes. Process of theme rebuild is similar to creating a translated theme process. New theme signed as "Rebuild" will be created based on LangShop translated theme. You can manage it and publish as a new current active theme if everything is ok.

You can rebuild themes created only by LangShop. To rebuild theme follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the "Theme" section.
  2. Open dropdown action menu of the needed translated theme.
  3. Click "Rebuild theme".


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