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Revert liquid - it's a so-called backup of your original theme. 

Before you read this article, please get acquainted with the information about what is a localized theme.

Why do you need revert liquid

For example, you've translated the store and published LangShop localized theme. Now you work only with this localized theme, make some changes, add blocks, modal windows, translate them. But you don't do the same in your original theme. Let's imagine, that appears the situation when you decided to return to the original theme (or you deleted the original theme) but it doesn't have changes that you made in the LangShop localized theme:(

For this situation, we've created a revert liquid functionality.

Thanks to the revert liquid functionality LangShop can remove everything that was made by LangShop and return you an original theme but with new elements.

How to restore your original theme

  1. Go to the Themes section.
  2. Click Actions => Revert Liquid.
  3. Click Revert Liquid.

All LangShop assets and code blocks will be removed from this theme. Your visitors will see the content on the original language without the possibility to switch language. You'll have the possibility to translate this theme again.


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