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LangShop allows adding images for every target language. We'll consider this situation in our example. In our Demo store, we have a t-shirt with the text on it - 'I love LangShop'.

Our store is translated into Arabic, Chinese (Taiwan), and French. We want to translate the text on the t-shirt into these languages.

  1. Go to the Products section => All products and choose a product from the list.
  2. At the single product page click on the desired language tab. In our case it's Arabic.
  3. Find the Product Images block under the product's description and click on the image to upload a new image with the translated text.
  4. Choose the appropriate image from the gallery or Upload new from your computer.
  5. Press the Save button.

Now, let's check our image in the store. As you can see, when we switch to the Arabic language, the text on the t-shirt changes too.


Make the same steps with each target language. If there are images in the product's description, you are able to translate them too. Learn more from the article.


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