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You can translate the standard Shopify's notifications, like 'Order confirmation', 'Shipping confirmation', etc.

Go to the Settings section menu and choose Notification.

First option (translate all notifications into all target languages)

  1.  Click Translate.
  2. Choose target languages into which you want to translate notifications and click Translate.

Second option (translate several notifications into all target languages)

  1. Select notifications that you want to translate.
  2. Click Translate.

Third option (translate single notification into the desired language)

  1. Choose the notification that you want to translate.
  2. Open the tab of the desired language and click Translate.
  3. Select checkboxes, that you want to translate and click Translate.
  4. After the translation process click Save.

Note: LangShop uses different translation drivers. Thus, the app provides translation suggestions. You can choose the translation that suits you best.

Note: LangShop saves the translation history of translated items. To check the translation history of the single notification, click on History

Notifications related to orders will come in the language in which the user made the order. Notification related to customers will come in the language in which the user registered on the site.

If the user registered before installing the LangShop on the store, the notifications will be in the store's default language.

Translation of SMS is supported for types of notifications in which SMS notifications are present.


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