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Sometimes there are situations when theme developers do not use theme localization for including text blocks in theme. Otherwise, they leave static words (text constructions) in theme, that can be changed only in the theme code.

While creating a translated theme, LangShop creates an opportunity to translate these static text blocks with a simple interface on the admin side. This feature is called Static translation and available only for the translated theme.

To start static text translation go to the Themes section and press the Localization button near the needed translated theme. Then choose Static text.

You will see a list of theme files that are not translated. In our situation, we have only the one not translated element.

To translate static fields, follow this guide:

  1. Click on the needed file and you will see the list of static elements with the opportunity to translate them.
  2. Choose the language tab and enter the translated text (translate it manually) or click Translate.
  3. Press the Save button on the top bar.

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