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LangShop allows you to customize displaying formats for prices on your store by changing price formats per each currency.

Next price formats are allowed:

  1. {{amount}} - price displayed without rounding and with comma as separator, e.g.: 1,134.65.
  2. {{amount_no_decimals}} - price displayed with rounding, e.g.: 1,135.
  3. {{amount_with_comma_separator}} - price displayed without rounding and with dot as separator, e.g.: 1.134,65.
  4. {{amount_no_decimals_with_comma_separator}} - price displayed with rounding, e.g.: 1.135.
  5. {{amount_with_apostrophe_separator}} - price displayed without rounding and with dot and apostrophe as separators, e.g.: 1'134.65.

To change currency format follow next steps:

  1. Go to the "Settings" => "Currencies" section.
  2. Find "Currencies List" block.
  3. Here you can fill format with or without currency using allowed formats for price displaying.

Note: Before or after format mask you can enter any text that you need to be displayed. 

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