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Add multilingual content to the store without coding skills!

  • Translate store’s content in a few seconds. No coding skills required!
  • Attract more customers and increase global sales.
  • Improve SEO ranking of the store.

LangShop is the best way to add multilingual content into store and improve conversion of the site. This app will be your reliable assistant in increasing sales and product promotion.

We have many clients who have already tried LangShop and have a positive result. Installation of the application allowed them to cover the markets of other countries and significantly increase sales. Especially they noticed great quality of translation even into Chinese language.

Our clients say that the number of customers increased and sales doubled. That’s incredible results, don’t you think so? And we are happy for our client! It is exactly the result, that our team wanted to get.

We’ve made LangShop to help not only add multilingual content, but also contribute to the development of your site.

Thanks to LangShop you can get:

  • increase sales by engaging new customers;
  • improve conversion by speaking customers' native language;
  • improve conversion by using customers' currency.

LangShop benefits:

  • Easy to install.
  • Automatic translation.
  • Intuitive navigation.
  • Native Shopify interface.
  • Manage multilingual content from one place.


LangShop has a great number of settings, features and tools. 

What content you can translate with LangShop:

  • themes;
  • menu;
  • pages;
  • products;
  • blog posts;
  • navigation;
  • email and sms notification;
  • meta fields;
  • themes settings;
  • themes options;
  • images;
  • custom variables;
  • price.

In this documentation we’ve made a user’s guide with videos. Step by step we described all processes of LangShop work. If you have any question, our support team will help you anytime.

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