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Default Language - this is your main store's content language. Auto translate process will translate content from your default language into selected other. 

First language tab displayed as default language and it is always equal to your Shopify's store content language. LangShop allows creating additional languages.

To change default store language follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the "Settings" => "Languages" section.
  2. In the language list of the "Language List" block click "Set default" opposite to the desired language.

When you change the default language in LangShop, its tab will be always first in languages tabs list and it will be filled with your original store's content. LangShop doesn't migrate your store original content to additional languages, created by the application. That's why changing the default language is bad practice if your original content language doesn't match new default language.

Warning! When changing the default language, your current language will be empty, and the new default language will take the value of the old language.

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