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LangShop add language sign to each URL of the store. This feature adds possiblity to share some page on selected language to someone. Using signed URL will open page on the selected in URL language. By default "GET param" is enabled. 

You can enable / disable the modification of URL parameters for your store pages with the "Settings" => "General" section menu at the "URL Structure" block. The app will automatically add sign language in the address bar.

There are three modes modifications URL:

  1. Add language attribute to URL's as GET param - into the address bar will be added a sign like "ls=en"
  2. Add language attribute to URL's as hash tag - into the address bar will be added a sign like "#en"
  3. Multidomains (Associate languages to personal domains) - assign unique domain for each language. Learn more about multidomains here.

Warning! Do not use hash modification if hash params were involved for some else purposes, like navigation throut the sections of landing page or something else. In this case will be better to use GET params modifications or multidomain mode.

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