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To create a collection:

  1. Go to the “Collections” menu section.
  2. Click “Add collections” button.
  3. Fill appeared fields with information: collection title and description. 
  4. Use auto translation for translating this content or write translations manually.
  5. On the right side choose "Visible" if you want the collection to be displayed on users screen, or "Hidden" if you don't want it now. 
  6. On the right side settings window click “Choose image” and select the necessary image in your computer. 
  7. Choose condition: manually select products or automatically.
  8. If you choose “manually select products”, you will select and sort products manually on the next page after saving.
    If you choose “automatically select products”, you should also choose conditions of products sorting on the same page before saving.
  9. Click “Save collection”.

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