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There’s no limit for the number of languages you can add to LangShop for the translation of your store, but there are some factors that you may need to consider due to which we recommend keeping the number of languages within the reasonable number (up to 10-15 maximum):

  1. Shopify has a limit of 256 Kb for the size of the Theme’s asset files. This may be critical if you have many template files that contain static text (i.e. content for translation within the theme code itself). Langshop also stores static translations within the theme, and if there are too many of them, it won’t be able to save them.
  2. Email template subject limit is 512 characters. Note that in order to translate an email notification, the subject should contain subject variants for all languages plus syntax constructions. This means that having 10 languages will leave you only 15 characters for the subject line text for each language.
  3. In order to estimate the translation time, keep in mind that each product, article, and a page will need to be translated into all languages. If you have thousands of products translated into dozens of languages, this will affect both the translation time and the daily limits for the number of characters for the translation applied by some translation drivers (for example, Yandex).
  4. Having too many languages in the language drop-down switcher may be confusing for the customer and reduce the usability. We recommend focusing on the languages which your target audience speaks.

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