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Notifications keep merchants informed about products and goods they have bought at your store. Translate them into customer’s native language with LangShop.

Order section. Here you can translate:

  • order confirmation, cancel, refund;
  • draft order invoice;
  • abandoned checkout;
  • gift cards.

Shipping section. It provides you an opportunity to translate different information about customer’s purchases. People are always worried where are their shipments.

So, it’s very important for them to control at what stage of delivering their goods are. To make them sure in your service, with LangShop help, you can translate next notifications:

  • fulfillment requests;
  • shipping confirmation and updates;
  • shipment out for delivery;
  • shipment delivered (inform the customer that his package is already delivered).

Customer section. For your customer will be very pleasant to see that you greet them in their language when he activates and completes his account. Notifications about password reset are also here.

Templates section. Here you can translate order notifications for mobile and email.

People are happy when someone worries and care about them. Happy customers can be easily converted into regular customers.

If the purchase process is clear and easy and received product meets their requirements, they will definitely return to your store next time again and again. The main goal of business – to have a profit. Well, LangShop will gladly contribute to this.

Notifications will be sent automatically and you shouldn’t worry that something can go wrong. Your customers will be informed about all changes in the clear native language that significantly increase their trust you.

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