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Infinity Options allow enlarging products functional. For example, you have products, that need more detailed options for their description.

Let’s imagine, that you sell t-shirts. In Shopify, you can set only 3 variants of products like color, size, and design (polka-dot or striped, for example).

But it’s not enough for your t-shirts because in addition to the above characteristics some models have version with long and short sleeves, or same models are made from different fabrics. Such settings you can add by clicking “Create new option”. 

To create options follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the "Infinity Options" menu section.

  2. Create a new set with the "Create new option set" button.

  3. Add new option to the created set with "Create new option" button.

  4. Fill in main configuration fields:
    Field Label - not required field. The label is displayed above the main field parameter. It can be filled in different languages. 
    Field Name - is required for any language. When customers see this appear on the cart page and order form, it logically relates to the value they entered. By default, we duplicate label or create a random name if the label is empty. 
    Field Type - defines the type of custom option you want to display.

  5. Click the "Settings" at the right corner of the section if you need additional customizations, such as CSS classes, field's placeholder, default values, field wrapper and etc.

  6. Press the "Save" button.

Now, let’s consider one example.

You have a store of men’s accessories like ties, hats, gloves, umbrellas, etc. For ties you have different kinds of packagings:

  • plain (dark blue);

  • branded;

  • holiday.

There is a condition: If the tie costs less than 25$, customer should buy the packaging separately. For ties with the price greater than 25$ the packaging is free. There are three types of package boxes and a customer has an opportunity to choose any.

So, you need to create settings for certain products. You can use option rules for that. For any set of options, you can create a set of rules, which will be meet the "ANY" / "OR" conditions. Rules will work same as in collection queries.

To create rules for the existing set of options follow the next steps:

  1. Create a new rule with the "Create new rule" button. Within the drop-down menu, you will have the option to choose from product title, type, vendor, price, tag, compare at price, weight, inventory stock, and variant's title.

  2. Choose rules relation from second drop-down list: "is equal", "is not equal", "is less", "is greater", "starts with", "ends with", "contains", "does not contain".

  3. Enter the value of the condition, which is required.

  4. If rules more than one, choose relation condition: "ANY" / "OR".

  5. Press the "Save" button.

According to our example, you should choose “Product price” => “is greater than” => type “25$”.

In Field Label write “Free brand packaging” => choose field type, for example, “checkboxes”.

In values write “sent in branded packaging”, “sent in holiday packing”, “sent in plain packaging”. And don’t forget to click on “Save”.

Now all your ties with the price greater than 25$ have information that they can be sent in different kinds of packagings and these packagings are free.

As you see, Infinity options give an amazing opportunity to add all necessary characteristics of products. Options number is unlimited.

Thus, you can make the most complete description of products. Furthermore, LangShop will translate all new characteristics in multiple languages. Just use auto translation.

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