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LangShop allows you to translate your title, description, keywords tags so that Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Co. will be able to preview your translations correctly. Also, OG tags and Twitter card tags will be included.

You can fill the "SEO" section below any "details" section of products, collections, blogs, articles, and pages. Also, you can find SEO blocks per each page from Reserved pages.

To localize SEO meta tags follow next steps:

  1. Go to the "Pages" ("Products", "Collections", etc.) section.
  2. Open needed page (product, collection, etc.).
  3. Scroll down and find "Search engine listing preview".
  4. Fill existing fields.
  5. Translate them manually or using Auto translation functionality.

OG image and Twitter image tags are also available to use different images per each language. Click on "Choose Image" and use Media Gallery to upload new or choose from existing.

"Block search indexing" option will exclude your page from indexing by search crawlers.

Note: In connection with the specifics of the Shopify platform for multilingual SEO you must use multidomain for each language.

Read more about multidomains feature.

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